Concealed Carry Renewal

We are now conducting regular Illinois Concealed Carry Permit renewal classes every Monday and Saturday (excluding holidays) morning from 8 AM until noon.

As of August 22, the Illinois State Police have not published guidelines as to how far in advance of the expiration date they will accept renewal applications. Current rumors are 30, 60, and 90 days, but no official word has been given yet. But the ISP are required by law to act within 120 days of an application to either issue a renewed permit or to deny the application. Also, you can continue to carry after the expiration date of your current permit while your renewal application is being processed, but ONLY IF YOU APPLIED FOR RENEWAL BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE. Therefore, we recommend that you book yourself into a class about 120 days before the expiration date of your permit, and submit your renewal application as soon as you can.

You can view the class schedule for the next eight weeks and book a seat by clicking this link:

Click Here to Book an Available Class

Bullet Trap Concealed Carry Renewal Classes and Services

To renew your permit, Illinois Law requires 3 hours of instruction and handgun proficiency re-qualification. The Bullet Trap divides these into two sections: 1 hour of range instruction and 2 hours of classroom instruction.

On The Range

We will start off with range time during the first hour of your ILCC Renewal class. You will shoot various practice scenarios, re-visit holster draw techniques using SIRT laser guns, and end up with handgun proficiency re-qualification. You will need a handgun in good operating condition and 50 rounds of ammunition. You will NOT need a holster for this class. Eye and Ear protection will be provided if you need it.

In The Classroom

Our classes are conducted by Illinois State Police certified instructors. Our classroom curriculum has been approved by the Illinois State police and covers all of the rules and regulations (including changes since 2013) required by Illinois Law. Topics include ownership, storage and transportation of firearms, legal use of force, the FOID Act, the Concealed Carry Act, unlawful use of weapons, and applicable Federal laws.

The Renewal Process

All ILCC renewals are done online via the ISP account you used when you applied for your original permit. To apply for the renewal, you will need:

  1. Your ISP account username
  2. Your ISP account password
  3. A current valid ILCC license
  4. A valid Driver’s license or State ID
  5. A signed 3 Hour Class Certificate

Your Bullet Trap course fee includes free assistance with the ISP online renewal process IF you know your ISP account username and password. These were given to you at the time of your initial application if we assisted you. If you take the class within the renewal period of your permit, we can process your application immediately after the class.

If you do not know your ISP account credentials, there will be a $20 fee for additional assistance in retrieving them for you, or for setting up a new account, or for contacting the ISP on your behalf.