Advanced Pistol Class

Advanced Pistol Class Information

Advanced Pistol is one of The Bullet Trap Advanced Handgun Courses. Students who attend Advanced Pistol will learn the practical aspects of deploying and using a concealed carry handgun for personal defense. At the end of the course, students should feel confident that they can safely deploy and use their carry gun if the need should ever arise. The course consists of classroom instruction in concepts related to concealed carry, and practical live-fire range exercises where they will apply the classroom concepts using their weapons and equipment.

Classroom Instruction (2 Hours) Topics include:

  • Safely load and unload your carry gun
  • Draw from your holster using the Five-Step method
  • Draw from concealment
  • Clear common handgun malfunctions
  • Quickly place effective shots onto a target at varying distances
  • Perform tactical and emergency reloads
  • Perform dry practice drills at home

Range Exercises (4-5 Hours) Students will fire Airsoft guns and their weapons at silhouette targets with highlighted critical shot zones. Exercises include:

  • Loading and unloading techniques
  • Type 1, 2 and 3 malfunction drills
  • Tactical and emergency reload drills
  • Draw and fire from an open holster at varying distances
  • Draw and fire from concealment at varying distances


Students attending Advanced Pistol must be Bullet Trap Members and possess a valid Illinois Concealed Carry Permit (or attended The Bullet Trap CCW class). Bullet Trap membership MUST be established prior to the day of the class. These requirements imply that the student can safely use a handgun and thoroughly understands and can operate his/her carry weapon. If the instructor feels that any student does not satisfactorily demonstrate appropriate safety and firearm skills, he will not allow that student to participate in the live-fire range exercises.


Each student is required to bring the following equipment to class:

  • Firearm – A suitable handgun in working order. A suitable handgun is one that holds at least six rounds of ammunition, has a trigger pull not less than 4.5 pounds, is designed so that it can be carried safely in a loaded state, and sized so that it can be correctly drawn from concealment and re-holstered. This precludes derringers, “Saturday night specials,” miniature pistols, and over-sized pistols (e.g. Judge). Also, we discourage the use of .22 caliber handguns unless it is your actual carry weapon. Working order means that the firearm is well maintained, properly lubricated, and the student has fired at least 50 rounds through it before the class. Any firearm that repeatedly malfunctions during live fire will be removed from the line.
  • Ammunition – 250 rounds of factory manufactured ammunition. No hand-loads or reloads
  • Eye Protection – A pair of safety glasses with side protection (wrap around). Eyeglasses with plastic lenses are acceptable ONLY IF they are fitted with side shields.
  • Ear Protection – Electronically amplified ear muffs ONLY.
  • Holster – An outside-the-waistband, straight hanging holster mounted to a sturdy belt on the shooter’s strong (firing hand) side. A holster with a 15-degree (FBI) cant is acceptable. The holster must be sized to properly fit the firearm, completely cover the trigger, and hold the firearm securely. Inside-the-waistband, cross-draw, ankle, shoulder harness, small-of-the-back, pocket and purse holsters are not permitted.
  • Magazine – For semi-auto pistols, at least TWO EXTRA MAGAZINES. For revolvers, at least two-speed loaders.
  • Magazine Pouch – A magazine/speed loader holder mounted to a sturdy belt on the weak side.
  • Clothing – We recommend comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Wear slacks or jeans only, with front and back pockets. If live fire is at the outdoor range, bring a brimmed hat, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Hot brass can come from any direction, so no low-cut tops, sandals, or open-toed shoes.
  • Conceal Garment – An open-front shirt or light jacket long enough to cover your holster. This will be worn over your other clothing during the concealed carry exercise.

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